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Recipes are listed in approximate chronological order of writing them. Later recipes often contain improvements.
Note: Volume measurements in cups and spoons are inconsistent for the many and varied whole grain flours and measuring devices. For consistent results, please weigh all ingredients when making up these recipes. Modern digital scales make weighing easy and quick.

Black-eyed peas - cooking & serving

Sprouted wheat bread - unleavened

Whole wheat pasta (eggless, plain)

Introduction to Barm Bread 2010

Wheat sprouts 2008

Making your own barm 2008

Easy Street bread & barm refreshment

Simple Whole Wheat Sourdough Pasta

Fine Breadcrumbs - whole wheat

Simple Sourdough Starter January 2018

Whole Spelt Wheat Porridge Bread - Pavanne

Whole Spelt Wheat Crumb Bread - Pavanne

Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread - Galliard

Orange Whole Spelt Wheat Bread - Galliard

Rose Hips & Olive Oil Whole Wheat Bread

Challah egg and olive oil bread

Couscous, how to make with whole durum wheat

Scones & Biscuits from whole wheat flour with sourdough

Crackers & Wraps - simple sourdough

Focaccia - simple sourdough bun or sheetpan bread

Beginning Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread Making

Bread Improver: enzyme active malt & vitamin C

Whole Wheat Tortillas / Rotis

Biblical Bread from Ezekiel 4:9

Biscotti after Artusi

Panettone Rinato (reborn)

Thin-crust Pizza 2018

English Country Loaf

Test Loaf Method. April 2019

Cosmopolitan steam buns, 100% whole wheat. March 2020.

Almond Butter

Mutzu Apple Sauce

Green Pistachio Butter

Raisin Paste

Fruit & Nut Extravaganzas and some cheaper thrills

Pan loaves with hard red wheat, or any whole wheat

Revised and updated recipes for sprouted wheat, wheat malt, sourdough starter and new bread recipes.

Redefining BREAD

1. Sweet porridge malt breads - introduction

2. Sprouted grain & malt for sweet porridge bread

3 Simple malt & whole grain sourdough starter

4. Drying a simple malted sourdough starter

5.Basket loaf - whole wheat malt sourdough

6. Steamed buns - whole wheat malt sourdough

7. Pain de Mie sandwich loaf - whole wheat malt sourdough

New in 2022
100% whole wheat buns galore!

Buns Galore! Introduction. Whole wheat sourdough bread-making tips. Effects of different wheat varieties. Equipment for soft buns in food service kitchens. Whole wheat nutritional advantages.

Soft Sandwich Buns - 100% whole wheat

Soft Sandwich Buns - 100% whole wheat with fresh whole milk

Soft Sandwich Buns - 100% whole wheat with dried milk

Soft Sandwich Buns - 100% whole wheat with fresh whole milk and egg

Soft Sandwich Buns - 100% whole wheat with olive oil

Soft Sandwich Buns - 100% whole grain with extra malt

Designer Buns - introduction

Designer Buns - 100% whole wheat with fresh milk, eggs, currants and spice

Designer Buns - 100% whole wheat with fresh milk, eggs, cocoa, currants and vanilla

Focaccia with malt sourdough and olive oil

New in 2023

Continuing whole grain recipes to bake in a steam oven.

Pie Crust - whole wheat malt sourdough pastry and some pie fillings

Soft large sandwich buns

Prebaked whole wheat pizza crust

Soft Spelt Baguette

Sprouted rye sourdough loaf or farls (quarter roud large sandwich buns)

New in October 2023

These new recipes include a change to using sourdough starters made with malt flour only. The result in whole grain bread, is a pleasing alternative to the more usual wheat flour sourdough. 

Also included is a short cut to making a porridge with a portion of the bread dough flour, which increases the hydration and therefore contributes to crumb softness. This alternative is to add a portion of parched grains, such as bulgur, brewer's wheat or rye flakes.

All malt sourdough starters

Parched grains

Pain de Mie sandwich loaf with bulgur and all malt sourdough

Sandwich buns - whole wheat flour, bulgur flour & all-wheat-malt sourdough