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Newsletters from 2000 until 2004 give an account of our progres in engaging farmers who wanted to grow organically, locally appropriate old-fashioned wheat varieties. Topics covered include whole wheat nutrition, small scale handling of wheat seed and a simplified wheat botany. In most newsletters, the table of contents summarizes the topics covered.
Also in 2004-2005, Gene Spiller Ph.D was writing the book, What's With Fiber?, with Monica Spiller as his co-author. Very sad indeed am I to report that my husband Gene passed away in 2006, following a car accident. Gene was 79, and had contributed greatly to our knowledge of dietary fiber, since beginning his fiber research in the early 1970s. The good thing is that he wrote popular books on nutrition, as well as numerous technical works. He delighted in bringing together others interested in dietary fiber, so his books are rich in the spectrum of observations on nutrition generally. Because he loved food, after all he was an Italian-born American, he gave us insight into whole foods as much as insight into the content of foods, in appreciation of the fact that all the components interplay to give pleasure and healthfulness, or not, as the case may be.

By 2006 our wheat experimentation had been assisted by Lee Jackson Ph.D, UC Davis; we were able to select 12 varieties of landrace wheat that seemed to be reasonably resistant to the prevalent fungal diseases, and gave reasonable yields. Because we aim to grow wheat without irrigation, we do not expect the high yields experienced by conventional growers who usually irrigate and also use a high input of nitrogenous fertilizers.
Our progress and news are represented in our Catalog, the Landrace Position Paper 2008, and in our newsletters and reports on activities.
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In October 2016 we began a new series of newsletters via e-mail especially to distribute lists of whole grain bakers, heritage grain farmers, heritage grain seed suppliers, and more, so that farmers, bakers and whole grain eaters could connect easily. Updated lists are directly available on this website, on the corresponding pages: FARMERS, BAKERS, GRAIN SERVICES, etc.

The links to articles and recipes in the .pdf copies of the newsletters below, are no longer live. Sorry not to be able to resolve this. Some links are given following the text pdf. However, the links are preserved in Microsoft Word versions, which download when clicked instead of opening as a web page; they can then be opened as a Word file on your computer.

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