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A way out from under Covid-19.

Fight diabetes with a full supply of whole grain foods


You will have noticed that many people have only a mild response to covid-19, such that they do not need hospitalization, and certainly they do not overload the healthcare system.


However, people with underlying epidemic metabolic disease (obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and hypertension) tend to suffer severe symptoms if infected with covid-19 and need intensive hospital care. Because there are so many people (an estimate is greater than 50% of the population) who have metabolic disease, the healthcare system is likely to be overwhelmed if these people contract covid-19. It is for this reason that the world economy has shut down, while we shelter in place, practice social distancing and wear protective masks, all with a view to preventing the infection of these vulnerable people with metabolic syndrome. Of course, there are others in society with compromised immune systems and lung problems who also need this protection, and extra care if infected with covid-19 but the healthcare system has not been and likely would not be overwhelmed by these particular cases.


 It is therefore this epidemic of diabetes (metabolic syndrome) that we should be fighting with all our might!


The very well-known way to prevent diabetes and pre-diabetes is a diet with basic grain foods eaten in the whole grain form, and general avoidance of refined sugar and refined carbohydrates.


Every one of us can to draw attention to the dilemma in California as elsewhere, of a totally inadequate supply of whole grain foods, which are so much needed in this fight against diabetes. This is about the lack of supply of whole grain foods and not about people’s taste preference, since well-made whole grain products are actually better flavored and visually more interesting than bland, white refined flour products. Tell me, who does not want to be healthy?!


The blame rests squarely on a recalcitrant commodity grain, milling and baking community, who have refused to act on the science that has evolved over 140 years since refined milling began.  We cannot tolerate the economy of the whole world being shut down, because the commodity grain, milling and baking industries worldwide refuse to address the need for pleasing 100% whole grain products enough for everyone. They have been on notice since the 1940s when they gave us the compromise of enriched refined products. Much more is known now about the need to eat all parts of the whole grain, in order to maintain good health. We should not tolerate the so called whole grain flour produced in a refined mill system over these many years; not even as a compromise. Government intervention is essential, with immediate funding for local mills to efficiently produce fresh 100% whole grain flour from dry, locally stored clean grain. Grains such as rice should be presented whole, as brown rice. Corn should be presented with the germ included. All these whole grain foods need to be produced in amounts that are enough for absolutely everyone rich and poor, to have the choice to eat their grain foods whole.


Please, we need legislation to enhance the production of healthy whole grain foods and a campaign to educate people in the avoidance of diabetes. Please, bring this to the attention of Governor Newsom, the California Surgeon General and everyone who can help us with this fight to eliminate diabetes as fast as possible


Making diabetes a rare disease might be the only way possible for us to reduce the healthcare burden of Covid-19 and once again live in fully open societies.


Thank you for acting on this important message.


Supporting scientific references 

The origin, transmission and clinical therapies on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak- an update on status

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What is whole grain?
Whole grain wheat is the same as wheat seed. If it is a genuine unbroken wheat seed you can soak it and sprout it. The end of the seed that produces the sprout is the germ. The thin, colored seed skin is the bran, which is tasty, edible and a necessary part of food; it is fiber and it carries other foods all the way through the digestive system without being itself digested. The middle endosperm of the wheat seed or grain is filled with starch and protein which is the store of food for the new wheat sprout. The growing plant can only use this food store if the vitamins, minerals and other plant nutrients are provided by the bran and germ. Similarly, people can only use the starch and protein from wheat properly if they also eat the germ and bran at the same time, since these supply the needed nutrient helpers for proper digestion and use for growth and energy.

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Whole Grain Connection has been marketing organic whole grain products for farmers, using a "tm" designation for our "certification mark". We have added a "Grown & made in California" logo to this certification mark. Products are now being sold with this new mark, which you'll recognize by the California poppy art and the font. The beautiful California poppy artwork is by Margo Bors, an artist from San Francisco.

We can approve products for the use of this logo and prepare label designs for other farmers selling their organic whole grains. Please contact us for further information.

Phytic acid

Phytic acid is an important factor in whole grain foods, because it binds with nutritionally valuable minerals in the grain, and reduces their usefulness. Fortunately the enzyme phytase is also present in wheat and this will break down the phytic acid quite rapidly if the conditions are optimized.

Phytic acid and whole wheat flour - a discussion

Spelt and Emmer

We have continued to work with landrace spelt and emmer varieties suited to the Coastal and Sierra Foothill regions of California. 

Letter to spelt and emmer growers May 2013

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Mountain View Voice. January 27, 2012

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For the Farmers:

Knowledge of the fungal diseases that attack grains leads to good organic prevention practices.

Click on the link below to read about Preventing Fungal Disease on Wheat, written by Monica Spiller in 2009. This was an exercise in understanding the problems from the viewpoint of the organic farmer. As with all our work at the Whole Grain Connection, this is an ongoing project, always waiting to be updated or corrected. The information was gleaned from many on-line sources and in particular from Integrated Pest Management for Small Grains, Publication 3333 of the University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Preventing Fungal Disease on Wheat